2017- 2018 BTO Highlights

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2016-2017 Coordinators Report

The following is compiled from the end of the year reports of Margaret Vailencour at Lynden Middle School and Lisa … Read more

By the Numbers 2016-2017

The Following Survey Responses Are Based On Students We Currently Serve And Their Mentors. (50 Active LHS Matches) First:  Who … Read more

Hey June!

May was Mental Health Awareness month, but just because it’s now June doesn’t mean that mental health issues go away. Current research indicates that approximately 20% of teens are impacted by a mental health issue in some way.  In my experience, students who request mentors at school frequently relate concerns about experiencing depression and anxiety themselves or are impacted by mental health issues of a parent or close family member.

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How are we doing? Actually – really well!

Studies are being done on the impact of mentoring relationships on youth and also on the impact the termination of those relationships has.  Particularly early termination and the risk factors that contribute. 

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