Whatever it Takes

One challenge of having a mentoring program is the common difficulties we all face as human beings. The loss of a loved one, job and financial strain, and things that go wrong unexpectedly all create a barrier for consistent, long-term mentoring. We had one such difficulty arise this month when one of our mentor’s vehicle broke down. He tried to get it fixed, but could not get it repaired. With sadness and frustration, he informed me that he would not be able to mentor one week. However, he made a commitment to this student and he was not going to let car troubles get in the way of mentoring. He was willing to take the bus from Bellingham every week if he needed to. Eventually, he found a solution and his mentoring time has continued. Our mentors are showing great kindness, compassion and determination to help their student no matter what.

BE THE ONE Mentoring Program
Lynden Middle School Monthly Report – Brian Clemmer
March 2019