Ferndale High School – November 2020

Stories to share: Reunited and it feels so good! Right when we were approved to conduct in-person meetings off-campus, the new restrictions prohibited indoor meetings. I asked all the qualifying students if they wanted to meet outdoors at Hovander park, or wait until we could meet indoors again. One student said they wanted to meet … Read more

Ferndale High School – October 2020

Stories to share: Student cherishes time with his Mentor One week, a student could not make it to his regularly scheduled Zoom call with his mentor and wanted to reschedule. However, the mentor was not available until the following week. The student insisted that they still meet twice that week, even though there would only … Read more

Ferndale High School – September 2020

Stories to share: There are many mixed emotions about remote learning this Fall. Some students are enjoying the newly-created structure that the online platforms provide and are finding success. Others are saying they learn better at school and are struggling to learn in such a different way. Some are taking advanced classes, in charge of … Read more

Ferndale High School – April 2020

April 2020 Stories to share:  When I was creating my goals for April, I wanted to focus my energy on reuniting our mentors and mentees. I set a lofty goal: 80%-100% of mentors and mentees are connected and communicating weekly. I did not expect the variance in student and mentor situations. Many students left their … Read more

Ferndale High School – March 2020

March 2020 Stories to share:  We closed two mentoring matches this month. Every closing session looks differently depending on the circumstances. One student transferred to a school that does not have the Be the One program, but he told his mentor ahead of time. They said their good-byes at a final session. The other mentee … Read more

Ferndale High School – February 2020

Stories to share: Vickie heard about Be the One when the Mentor Coordinator presented to her class at the beginning of the school year. She wanted a mentor who likes hunting and fishing, but was worried that there would not be a female mentor with the same interests. This month, Vickie met her mentor who … Read more

Ferndale High School – January 2020

Stories to share: “A mentee wore his Be the One shirt to school and said to his mentor, “Look at my new shirt!” The next time they met, his mentor wore his shirt, too. Mentors and mentees show they care about each other in little ways throughout their time together.” “Kathy Young, a Ferndale resident … Read more