Ferndale High School – March 2020

March 2020

Stories to share:

 We closed two mentoring matches this month. Every closing session looks differently depending on the circumstances. One student transferred to a school that does not have the Be the One program, but he told his mentor ahead of time. They said their good-byes at a final session. The other mentee left suddenly. The counselor mentioned the student was coming to her office, so the mentor wrote a letter saying goodbye. Amazingly, the day I brought the letter to the counselor, the student was there! I told him how much he will be missed, delivered the letter and said my own farewell to him. The ending of any relationship can be difficult, but mentor coordinators assess the circumstances and provide a positive closure experience for the mentors and mentees.

February Goals:

  • Start 5 new matches (actual: 3 matches)
  • 43 matches – (actual: 42 matches)

April Goals:

  • Facilitate social interaction between mentor and student mentee
  • 80%-100% of mentors and mentees are connected and communicating weekly

Mentoring Update:

  • 42 Active Matches
  • New Mentor Orientations scheduled for March are postponed.
  • 9 mentors and mentees are exchanging emails (21% of matches are connected).

Program Development

  • Mentors and Mentees are now communicating by email.
    • All messages are sent to mentor coordinator beforehand
    • No contact information is exchanged between mentors/mentee
    • Looking at alternatives for mentees who do not have email access
  • New matches will be postponed until school resumes.