Nooksack Valley High School – April 2024

Mentor Coordinator Report

Number of Current Matches: 22 matches meeting weekly

WIN-WIN: celebrate students AND support local businesses! For our “end of year” celebrations, each pair was asked to review a local coffee shop menu to “order” one item of their choosing each. The students were thrilled to pick out something. Mentors helped them think through logistics of their order “iced vs hot”, “whipped cream vs not”, etc. The following week I brought their treats to their meeting time. It was so fun! Carrying a drink around campus is often a status symbol for students. A few even confessed that they waited until after their meeting time to drink theirs so they could show their friends. Another bonus was that we got to support our local coffee shops Master’s Blend (Everson), Coffee Girls
(Nooksack), and Loca Mocha (Sumas) who are fans of BTO and huge supporters of NV schools. The baristas were excited to be a part of celebrating each pair, writing encouragement on top of lids or adding candy and sprinkles.

My maternity leave begins April 26. I made the bittersweet decision to end my time at NVSD so I can stay home with my 3 kiddos next school year. I have seen growth and relationships between students and community members. It is evident that this community cares deeply for their schools and students, with a long history of mentoring programs. I enjoy walking alongside teenagers as they figure out life.

Stories & Quotes To Share:

Perfect ending: last school year, at the request of the middle school counselor, a school small group was created with the purpose of developing friendship (the girls were new to NVMS, with English as their second language). As second semester began, I observed them in the hallways and cafeteria, noticing that they had created relationships, had places to sit, and people to hug. Ultimately, we decided that the small group would end when my maternity leave began. In the fall, maybe a new small group will start with different kids, with the same purpose creating connections.

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