Lynden Christian School – April 2024

Mentor Coordinator Report

Number of Current Matches: 6 pairs meeting regularly

I think I am kind of in denial that April is already over. It was a whirlwind month, but in a good way. We are inching closer to the end of the year with just three weeks left of matches at LC. Photos are done and interviews are nearly complete. In the next few weeks, students will get the opportunity to possibly head off campus with their mentors and get a special treat from a local business to wrap up the school year. I decided to end matches earlier this year because as a community LC really makes those last few weeks exciting for students and plan activities as a school.

Many of the pairs have already said that they want to meet again next year, but with that said, we will see what summer and fall bring. At LC, we are looking at the program to make sure that next year we can meet the needs of more students and really shine a spot light on the positive role that Be The One plays in the lives of students, mentors, and our greater community.

Recap: In case you missed it, I am also subbing out at Ferndale again. One of the part time coordinators needed to step away through the end of the school year to prioritize her health, and I had the capacity to fill in where needed. I have been working closely with their other coordinator divvying up the tasks. Ferndale added two additional pairs in March for a total of 35-39 pairs- some still starting new, some ending early, and others maintaining through the end of the year.

End of Year: Last week of matches at LC will be May 21-24

Stories & Quotes To Share:

Bridging the gap
Phones and electronics can be extremely frustrating especially when you are trying to work with teenagers, but on the flip side they can be a bridge to deeper understanding. I recently was sitting near a match during their match time when they both pulled out their phones to go through pictures -together-. It was a time that allowed the mentee to get a deeper glimpse into the life of their mentor and vice versa. The mentee really went into great detail, and the mentor had a better understanding of the student as a whole.
A glimpse at the past
This month a mentor was thrifting when she came upon an old photo album. She brought the album to the match to not only look through with the mentee, but they turned into investigators. The mentor and mentee combed through the album looking for clues as to who the album could belong to in hopes of reuniting it with its rightful owners!

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