Lynden High School – May 2024

Mentor Coordinator Report

Number of Current Matches: 67

• Maintaining 67 matches
• Mentee interviews with PFS board members
• Pair photos finished and distributed
• End of the year Cruise May 23
• Final meetings of the year for most pairs, week of May 28-31
• Trips to Edaleen’s for ice cream for pairs who could not attend cruise

• Last Saturday School—June 1
• Final mentor meetings June 3 and 4
• Graduation for Seniors—June 7
• End of the year surveys for mentors and students
• Thank you cards to mentors
• End of year summary reporting and recommendations for next year

Stories & Quotes To Share:

Cruise on May 23rd  About 100 mentors and students boarded the boat for a cruise around Bellingham Bay together.  The evening included great weather, food, fun games, prizes, lots of socializing and photos.  Mentors enjoyed seeing students in a different setting and sharing a special memory together.  Several students experienced being on a boat for the very first time!  Thankful for all the sponsors who make this event a highlight of the year!

Circumstances change, but the relationship continues: During final meetings for seniors, they were able to exchange contact information with mentors to continue their relationships after graduation.  A few of these matches have been together since middle school and definitely plan to continue their friendships as adults.  Other students are leaving for Running Start next year and wanted to be sure they had a way to continue mentoring.  I’m able to work with parents to establish off-campus meeting privileges for them.

Thanks from a parent:  Sometimes students leave LHS for one reason or another, but really value maintaining their mentoring relationship.  This can only occur with parent permission outside the parameters of the program.  I have to make sure parents understand we are not supervising  the relationship and they are no longer officially part of the mentoring program.  One Mom I reached out to had this to say:  Of course I would love (them) to continue to meet, outside of school now.  They have a special bond!  Be the One has been so impactful for both of my kids.”

Submitted by Lisa Reynolds –