Lynden Middle School – September 2020


Stories to Share

Missing in Action

Our school district started the school year with students in “remote learning.”  One student in particular was “missing” from his classes as we started the year.  Teachers and administrators could not get ahold of him or his family.  This student was part of our program and I had worked with him closely the previous year.  He happened to be a student I had worked closely with, so I paid the student a visit and it went well.  I was able to talk to him about mentoring and school and he then got connected with his classes.  This BTO program does more for students then just finding them mentors.

 Fresh Beginnings

With a long break due to COVID, many mentors and students are eager to meet in person once again.  I have had some pairs begin meeting via ZOOM this school year and those that I have observed so far are so grateful to see each other.  Soon we will be able to bring in students and mentors to see each other face to face.  I am reminded how much students need that one-on-one contact that our program provides.  Maybe more now than ever!

 Mentoring Update by the Numbers at LMS:

  • 20 active matches at the middle school who have stated they want to continue BTO
  • 7 matches ended this year for a variety of reasons
  • 16 matches moved up to the high school
  • The status of 1 match is unconfirmed because I have not made contact with the student
  • 8 students on our wait list for wanting a new mentor
  • 6 students have been referred to the program
  • 5 matches have been able to connect via ZOOM this fall so far

Program Development/Evaluation

  • Getting the program up and running with ZOOM calls, and potentially in-person meetings in October.
  • Lisa and I have paused on our work with the Policy and Procedure Manual. Our new goal is to finish it by the end of the calendar year 2020.

Report submitted by Brian Clemmer

  • To Partners for Schools board members via Nancy Mcharness
  • Other copies submitted to: Molly Mitchell-Mumma, Cyndi Selcho, Robert Kratzig, David Vanderyacht, Jim Frey, Lisa Reynold, Annie Anderson, Jim Schmotzer, Stacy Martin, Doug De Vries