Lynden Christian High School- September 2020


Mentees: On September 18th I was able to cycle through all the classrooms at the high school and formally introduce Be The One to the students. About half of the students had been signed out for the day, which initially worried me. However, when I was able to sit down and go through the interest cards I handed out, I was relieved.  Of the 145 cards that were filled out 45 of the students asked for more information.  Of the 45 who asked for more information 40 indicated some interest in having a mentor.  Of the 40 who indicated interest 20 students rated their desire for a mentor as 7-10 out of 10.  Most of those who are interested are females, but there were also about five males who are interested in having a mentor as well.  I am in the process of reaching out to each of the students who expressed interest and answer any questions they have.  I am making a plan to meet with students who are seriously interested to ask them some questions and send home the permission slip. 

Mentors: We have nine people who have expressed interest in being mentors, five women and four men.  Of the nine, I have received four new mentor applications.


  • School started in-person for the majority students on September 1st (some students elected to do distanced learning in an online platform)
  • LC as a district is focusing on following Covid guidelines set forth by the Whatcom County Health Department
  • Block scheduling was established at the high school level this year
  • During the last few weeks of August an introduction letter was sent out to the Lynden Christian Community and we provided visual exposure of Be The One at all three days of high school registration
  • Mid September I began formally introducing Be The One to staff and students
  • Building a program in a new location lends itself to lots of networking. Networking with other coordinators, LC BTO team, high school staff, parents, possible mentors, students, etc. It has been exciting to see the excitement that has surrounded Be The One at Lynden Christian. It has been received so well and beyond my expectations. Hoping that the excitement surrounding BTO transcends into positive matches.
  • A designated office space was established for Be The One in the Library, and now just working on the logistics of making the space accessible for meetings and matches
  • Mentor Welcome Back Zoom – September 22nd
    • 35 mentors from Lynden, Nooksack, and Ferndale attended the zoom
    • Mentors learned tools to connect with their mentee during remote learning- which was helpful for me to see too in case LC needs to go that route with any partnerships in the future
    • Access the presentation and resources here:


  • This is a work in progress- as I think it may always be! I am actively seeking new mentor applicants while vetting the one’s that have already expressed interest. I am looking forward to meeting with the students who indicated strong interest in having a mentor.


  • Because of the new block scheduling it has opened up a time during the school day for mentors and mentees to possibly meet. Tuesday currently has a guided study period from 2:00-dismissal we will be marketing that as a time for pairs to meet. We are also going to continue offering Thursday ‘s late start, as well the hour before and after school as options to meet as well.
  • I have been leaning on the knowledge base of the other coordinators and have enjoyed being present during their conversations since March.
  • I am currently in the process of training with Lisa Reynolds (LHS coordinator) and gleaning as much information as possible in terms of best practices, methods, and planning.


  • New mentor orientations are scheduled for the second and third weeks of October
  • Continuing to vet new mentor applicants
  • Meeting with students

Submitted by Stacey Martin