Lynden Middle School – November 2019

Stories to Share


The Growing Need of Mentoring

Since the beginning of the year I have talked with a large number of students about the mentoring program.  Some students were referred by teachers and counselors, while others showed interest by leaving me a note or telling their friends they too wanted a mentor.  Usually, when I talk to a student a few things can happen. They either decide the program is for them or not. Those who are interested in the program take paperwork home to their parents or guardians, but some take longer to return that paperwork.  This month I had 4 students turn in paperwork a whole month after I initially talked to them catching me by surprise. Now we have a growing wait list and a real need for more mentors.

 ~ Permission to share.


Creativity Goes a Long Way

The longer I am a coordinator, the more I see how creative mentors are when they spend time with their student.  Mentors are really doing great things. One pair decided to toss a baseball outside. Other pairs are learning new games to play and looking up games on the internet.  Some are doing volunteer work in the school, while others are doing art projects and building projects together. The point is that pairs are connecting together and mentors are finding ways to connect with students.  ~ Permission to share.


Mentoring is Filling the Gap

Some students in our program are facing some very difficult situations.  Some struggle at school, while others struggle at home. Each day, students seem to be in need of someone to talk to, someone to care.  That is what our mentor program is all about. We have willing volunteers ready to come and be a support for their student no matter what problems or struggles they face.  Mentors are a safe people that mentees can talk to. This year I have witnessed a large number of students who have been struggling. If they did not have a mentor, I can’t imagine how they would have coped with the difficult things they face.  I am so grateful for our mentors this month. ~ Permission to Share


Mentoring Update at the Middle School:

  • 34 active matches at the middle school
  • 11 students on our wait list ready for a mentor (4 girls/7 boys)
  • New Mentors: We are still gaining a few mentors each month, but we are starting to feel the strain of an empty mentor pool.


Program Development/Evaluation

  • Continuing to work on our Policy and Procedure Manual.  Our goal is to finish it by the end of the year.
  • Ongoing support towards other school districts with the BE THE ONE Program.