BTO Snapshot for February 2019

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New mentoring matches slowed in January. Weather conditions brought school closures resulting in canceled mentor trainings for interested adults. Next month’s report will again show steady progress of new mentoring matches on all campuses.

Lynden Christian Mentor Coordinator interviews will occur the first week of March. Interested LC mentors are encouraged to fill out the mentor interest form found by clicking on the “Become a Mentor” button at

Kids today…want to be listened to and encouraged. We want them to know we care… ..It’s a mentoring match.


A Caring Adult is one resource every young person needs to survive and thrive When young people are connected to caring adults, communities do well.MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership

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Our BTO Program Budget Breakdown:

Coordinator salary & benefits→ 90%
T-shirts→ 2.5%
Mentor/Mentee Events→ 4%
Promotion→ 3.5%

As a community, we partner with our schools by volunteering as mentors and by raising funds. Our community donations provide for the critical role of a professional Mentor Coordinator and related expenses of the mentoring program.

Thank you!