Why Perseverance?

Halfway there…when students come back from winter break, the school year is nearly half over. But, the end still feels so far away for many students. And, winter can be a difficult time for them to persevere…to keep on going and not quit. As a mentor, you can be the one to help keep them going and focused on the end. Here are a few ways you can do that this month:

  • Tell a perseverance story. Share with them a time in your life when you wanted to quit, but kept on going. Talk about the importance of perseverance in your own life.
  • Surprise them with a drink from Woods. It’s winter and it’s cold. They will appreciate it, and a small gesture like that can be a great encouragement to keep going.
  • Don’t give up on them. Your perseverance with them shows that you really do care about them and brings them hope when the end of the school year still seems so far away.

Written by Jason, BTO Mentor

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