Rob and Josh’s Story

Rob and Josh’s Story:

In middle school, Rob saw other students meeting with mentors and thought it looked like fun. He quickly formed a bond with his mentor, Josh. After school shut down in 2020, they couldn’t see each other for a few months. As soon as school opened this fall, Rob begged to see Josh as soon as possible! They met at school even before Rob was able to come back for classes. They enjoy being physically active together, spending most of their time outside riding scooters, bikes, working on something mechanical, or walking down to the barn to visit the animals. Rob says mentoring is “a really big huge relief of stress,” and he definitely recommends it to other students. Josh has helped him manage frustration and have better relationships with his family. Since he is moving out of state at the end of the school year, Rob regrets that he won’t be able to keep his mentor through high school. He introduced Josh to his good friend, Ian, who is happy to inherit Josh as his mentor for next year.