Lynden High School- April 2024

Mentor Coordinator Report

Number of Current Matches: Maintaining 67 matches

• Taking photos of mentoring pairs
• Saturday School on April 20th—BTO provided breakfast

Stories & Quotes To Share:

Report to the Woodshop!  One morning I received an email from a teacher requesting me to report to the woodshop.  I was a little puzzled, but headed over there.  When I arrived, the teacher asked me to explain about the mentoring program to the class.  One student received a mentoring reminder during class, and another student asked—”what is that?”  The teacher thought it would be a great opportunity for me to share!  I appreciated that he took the time to invite me.

Male Rapport looks different.  I enjoy watching our mentoring pairs interact with each other and how that differs from person to person.  With the guys, it frequently looks like challenges, beating each other, or good-natured put-downs.  One of my students has been challenging his mentor to come to weight training class with him to see who can lift more.  Another pair plays Uno just about every meeting and keeps score of who has the most victories from week to week.  They typically start their meeting by saying “You’re going down today!”  Another pair has been playing foosball, which was new to the mentee.  He’s picking up the game quickly, and last week said to his mentor:  “You’re crying because I beat you!”  It’s all in good fun.

It’s been quite a month:  My husband broke his neck in a ski accident, and I haven’t been at work too much, as I care for him, juggle a number of things, and work some from home and come in to school some.  I’m doing my best to keep mentoring going for the rest of the year.  I appreciate all the support at my school from the office staff and TA’s to keep meetings going even when I’m not present.  Other BTO staff have pitched in to take pictures.  Students and mentors have expressed concern, good wishes, and have been very understanding.  I’m grateful.

Submitted by Lisa Reynolds –