Lynden Christian School – March 2024

Mentor Coordinator Report

Number of Current Matches: 6

Six pairs meeting regularly (four high school and two middle school)
Three students have been referred and need a check-in

March was consistent- all pairs were able during their scheduled time at school. No new matches were made, but we still have a few potential matches. Two students are considering it and I have been tasked with finding a mentor for another student which is exciting. We will see what happens!

In March, Lynden hosted two identical Mentor Equipping sessions on focused on Social Media. Debbie Hull a current school psychologist intern at Lynden School District was the presenter. A nice collection of mentors from each school were able to attend including those from Ferndale.

Stacey is also subbing out at Ferndale again. One of the part time coordinators needed to step away through the end of the school year to prioritize her health, and I had the capacity to fill in where needed. I have been working closely with their other coordinator divvying up the tasks. Ferndale added two additional pairs in March for a total of 39 pairs.

End of Year: Photos, interviews, celebration

Stories & Quotes To Share:

A mentor missed a few weeks of mentoring due to a family vacation, but when they returned they had a sweet memento in hand! The mentee gleefully received the gift and said it would be added to their collection. It’s always nice to be remembered.

More to the mix
A pair has been meeting for a few years now and typically talk or play a game. Other kids have taken noticed and asked to play a game with the pair, so while we don’t typically encourage group things it has given the mentor a little bigger reach, and maybe it will encourage others to seek out a mentor. After spring break, we will encourage their pair to continue meeting one on one, but maybe some new matches will come from it!

Thinking ahead
Spring break is upon us and LC has an all school Good Friday chapel scheduled to celebrate the coming Easter holiday. Because of the service the scheduling for the day got shifted. Rather than cancel, a student reached out to see if there would be any way to rearrange her schedule to still give her mentoring time. Since they were thinking ahead we were able to make it work, and they will be able to get in one last match before spring break! Mentoring time and mentors mean so much to students that they often think ahead about how to make the most of their time when schedules change.

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