Having a mentor is like having a best friend

Kaleb and Cal’s Story:
During 7th grade, Kaleb saw other kids meeting with mentors and asked about what they were doing. When he heard that he could request his own mentor, he thought: “I can have my own personal friend. This is exactly what I need.” Soon after, he met Cal, and liked him right away. Now that he is a freshman, they have enjoyed meeting at school in person this year, often walking around campus or visiting the animals in the barn, while carrying on important conversations. Kaleb values time they spend together: “We’ve built a good relationship and gotten so close. It’s good for me to hang out with him.” Kaleb says Cal has helped him improve his communication and social skills, is a great listener, and has helped him work through both personal and school issues. “He’s a lifelong friend. My life is better because I have someone to talk to who will always be there.