Be the One Snapshot – October 2021

Local Funding
  • annual full-time program budget per school $62,000
  • community donations cover school Mentor Coordinators salaries and all program costs
  • donations from individuals, businesses and civic groups create program sustainability

Positive Impact

Students and mentors alike were excited to see each other.
“I have so much to tell [my mentor]. I can’t wait to see her because she knows what I was going through last year…but it’s getting better!”
It’s Personal
 Mentors and students expressed how much they missed each other and some even wrote letters over the summer. It’s so important to understand how vital mentoring can be when two people meet in-person.
Life-Changing Impact
A mentor/mentee connection resulted in a student literally finding their voice—
a testament to the power of the role a mentor can play in the life of a teen.
Staying Connected
The mentor/mentee relationship grows beyond high school. A student reached out to his former mentor to share news about his recent college acceptance.

Thanks to you, Be The One continues to keep students and mentors connected through these challenging times.