Doing what they Love

A newly matched mentor wanted to do something with her student that she enjoyed. Together we brainstormed some ideas and finally determined that baking was a passion of the mentee. So, on one given day the three of us utilized the staff room oven and baked some cookies for the mentee to share with her friends. This was a huge success and brought the mentee and mentor closer together.

Quality People Becoming Quality Mentors
A mentor was in my mentor pool and her name was written down on my mentor board. One day my son saw her name and got really excited. He told me that he had interacted with this person on occasion and then he told me, “Wow, if she was my mentor, I would definitely join the program.” It shows you the quality of mentors we receive for our program.

Mentoring is for Everyone
A student came to me wanting a mentor and I took some time to interview them. I learned that the potential mentee was an excellent student, had a very stable home life, and was well liked at school. In fact, the student did not mention any troubles at all. The student simply said they wanted “a positive person willing to listen.”

-Brian Clemmer, Lynden Middle School Mentor Coordinator