Expectations and Mentoring

This month, we’ve been talking about expectations and mentoring. With the new year just around the corner, this is a great opportunity for you as a mentor to establish some healthy expectations for 2020. Here are a handful of questions to help you process your mentoring experience in 2019 as you look ahead to 2020. As you reflect … Read more

Donate to BTO by Shopping

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My parents don’t listen. They just nag or try to fix me.

Resiliency: A tool to help overcome difficult times. We have discussed the concept of resiliency as an ability to bounce back from difficult times/experiences. Last week we discussed the characteristic of being genuine. This week we will focus on Listening and giving minimal advice. The main way to develop trust and relationship with teens is … Read more

Not counterfeit

Resiliency: A tool to help students overcome “hurricanes” in life Psychologists/counselors have noted several “Protective Factors” that help students overcome and/or prevent trauma in their lives: Healthy and supportive family/good parenting skills Education/healthy school system that supports “social-emotional” and not just the academic dynamic of school Extra-curricular activities (sports/clubs etc.) Good peer choices Having an … Read more

It’s hard to play chess in a hurricane

Resiliency: Bouncing back with more power and grit As an educator (School Counselor) I heard a saying at a “Compassionate Schools” conference several years ago that so paralleled my experience of working with many students over the years: “It’s hard to play chess in a hurricane”. What does that mean? Data indicates to us that … Read more

Helping your Student Value Optimism

This month, we are focusing on how mentors can help students make a healthy transition to adulthood. In our culture today, it is not uncommon for students to graduate from high school with little direction (or motivation) to grow into healthy adults. Culturally, we have even created a new name for 18-29 year old’s who … Read more

Quotes from Students

When you hear it from students, it means something! “I am usually a negative person, but my mentor’s positivity really helps me have a better attitude.” “When I’m down, my mentor lifts me up.” “My mentor provides interesting insight, and is willing to listen to me” “She is positive and can lighten up a bad … Read more