We are requesting donations of books, all grade levels, and games.

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is safe, healthy, and finding ways of maintaining connection with loved ones during this interesting time. As fortunate as we are to have technology available to us for connection, education, comic relief, and to reach out to others, the reality is that not everyone has the same opportunity for connection, education, comic relief, or to reach out to others. Yep, you’ve heard it from me again.

Here at FCS we continue to serve families across the district to connect families with community resources, basic needs, and with appropriate staff. There is a need of reassurance that we are still here, and that the district is working on their needs related to internet and laptops, which right now is their education. Some families call or text at least every other day, concerned that their children aren’t learning.

Other needs that are on the rise is school supplies and toiletries. We’ve been delivering as we can to individual families, or families can pick up from us at our office on Tuesdays/Fridays at a safe distance. We have families who don’t have books at home, and some families are asking for games, things for their children to learn, keep them occupied, and to enjoy as a family.

We are requesting donations of books, all grade levels, and games. Even if we are inundated with both, we will get them to families, whether it is just through these next few weeks/months or if at events we hold during the next school year. These items will be a relief right now and also be put to good use in the near future. As with all donations, please make sure that they are in good condition, no missing pieces.

If you do want to donate, please let me know, just to make sure that one of us is in the office. We are in the office on Tuesday/Friday and working from home the rest of the week.

Thank you, stay safe and take care of each other,


Margaret Vailencour
Family Community Services Coordinator/McKinney-Vento Liaison/Foster Liaison

Lynden School District
Office: 360-354-1549
Cell: 360-318-4966