The State of Young People during COVID

Here are some facts and stats to encourage you to consider how you can support students. The need is greater than ever.

Published study by MENTOR of young people 13-18 across the country. 

“30% of young people have more often been feeling unhappy or depressed since school closed. They also report losing sleep due to worry, feeling constantly under strain, or experiencing a loss of confidence in themselves”

“30% of young people say they are more concerned than usual about having their basic needs met”

“29% of students say they do not feel connected to school adults, peers, or their school community. Students in rural communities (like us!) are feeling even less connected to their schools than students in cities or suburbs”

“52% of students are concerned about their family’s health and well-being”

“40% of students are worried about their family’s financial situation”

“39% of students are more worried than usual about their current and future education, including grades and getting into college”

“These findings suggest that students are experiencing a collective trauma; they can benefit from on-going support for basic needs, physical and mental health, and learning opportunities.”

“One means of support is ongoing, intentional listening”

“Teachers and families, who are deeply affected by the pandemic as well, will also need intentional support in order to continue responding to the young people in their sphere of care.”