Pizza IS encouraging!

This week I sent individual personal emails to all my mentees to check on them as well as to let them know they could email their mentors through me and I could share their mailing address with their mentors. One boy emailed me back almost right away: “Thank you for checking on me. I am doing ok. We are worried about my aunt who is sick in hospital. My mom is a nursing assistant, so she has to work and we worry about her. My dad can’t work so he is home. I hope you are safe.”

I forwarded this to his mentor so he would know how his mentee is doing. Mentor emails me back right away: “What is his address?” I assume that he wants to mail a card or something, and send him the address. Another email from the mentor: ‘I want to send him a pizza–can you find out what kind he likes?” I email the student: “Your mentor wants to send you a pizza. What’s your favorite kind?” A minute goes by and the student responds: “Pepperoni” I forwarded the response. I believe a pepperoni pizza will soon by showing up on his doorstep. When all else fails, send pizza. Nothing says “I love you” like pepperoni.