Overwhelmed by Transition

As a freshman, Santiago felt overwhelmed about the transition to high school. He wanted help with school work, someone he could talk with about personal things, and also someone who could help him plan for college and his future. He felt intimidated about talking to his teachers and didn’t trust his English language skills, so he really wanted a mentor who could speak with him in Spanish. As a former teacher who lived and worked in Mexico for several years, Brad seemed like a great fit for his needs, and they quickly developed a friendship. Week after week, they talked, worked on homework, and sometimes played games together.  “He gives great advice and helps me make better decisions. I’m amazed at how much confidence I have because of my mentor. I had trouble getting my homework turned in on time, but now my grades have gone up and I owe that to Brad for helping me.” Santiago looks forward to continuing their relationship next year and throughout high school, and he encourages other students to get involved in mentoring.