Nooksack Valley Middle and High School, November 2020

Stories & snippets – We keep pressing on in the unknown territory that is 2020. Video/ZOOM is still the primary mode for connections. New matches are being made with a mix of creativity and adjustments.

  • A new match began at the High School. The Mentor is a staff member and the student a new 9th They have connected quickly and are enjoying meeting at school, adjusting to the current schedule and always possible future shifts.
  • A second new match involves another High School staffer and a student who is currently out of state. Our hope is that this match will provide encouragement while the student is away and grow in strength for their soon return to the area and attending school in the building.

 November focus:

  • Supporting students and mentors who are meeting primarily via video/ZOOM.
  • Beginning new matches (see above).
  • Hosted the virtual (County wide) Mentor training and support session, Even the Helpers Need Helping: Self-Care for Mentors, with Guest presenter Lindsay Anderson, elementary mental health counselor for NV Schools.

 Looking ahead:

  • Continuing to work within the realities of the moment.
  • Working with area coordinators to best support and strengthen mentoring during these unpredictable times.
  • Planning for the time students will be returning to school full time, mentors being able to return to campus and we will be able to step-up recruiting new mentors and starting new matches.