Nooksack Valley Middle and High School, June 2020

Students respond to, “What did you appreciate about mentoring?” 

  • I enjoyed being able to talk to somebody that I felt close to. 
  • (My mentor was) dope. 
  • I loved the fun and games. 

Mentors respond to, What did you appreciate about mentoring?” (names have been changed) 

  • I really enjoyed getting to know Tori… sharing her art and struggles – hearing her laugh.  
  • Establishing a bond with my mentee in spite of her needing to change schools and the pandemic... 
  • Love(d) working with students and watching them grow. 
  • The interactions with teens, building relationships with them and watching them grow and mature. 
  • I enjoy getting to know the kids. I like the idea of helping them through (building) a trusted relationship. 
  • Nick is a fine young man. It is a privilege to work with him. 
  • Reconnecting (I worked with both girls in elementary school) as well as helping them through unexpected life changes that happened during the time, I mentored them. 
  • It is very important to me that Loren has a consistent adult in her life who is committed to her well-being. I want her to know that she can rely upon me to be available for her throughout her school years. 

June/end of year actions: 

  • wended the year with 15 matches6 Middle School, 9 high school, at one point we had a total of 17 matches 
  • matches continued meeting via Zoom, email, and letters during the early school closure 
  • supported mentors during school closure through varied means including group video meetings 
  • regular (video, when needed) meetings with area Coordinators  
  • regular participation in mentor training sessions 
  • joined conferences and training to help with mentoring during this unique time of school closure 
  • transitioned matches to summer mode  

Looking ahead: 

  • all active mentors (who responded to our survey) have indicated interest in returning in the fall 
  • working with school leadership, area coordinators, PFS leadership, mentors, and students to preparing for the coming school year 
  • specifically working with area coordinators to develop new mentor training(s) that specifically help mentors and students maximize support in this time of health crisis and cultural upheaval