Nooksack Valley Middle and High School, December 2019

Nooksack Valley High School & Middle School

Be The One Coordinator Report

December 2019

Stories to share (names have been changed):

  • We have an entomologist in the house (yep, it’s true). After years of mentoring as part of our Connect Mentors, Paul, an entomologist working for the federal government, made the transition to the Be The One (BTO) team at NV High School. Paul is continuing to mentor a student from Connect Mentors now through BTO. Additionally, a freshman student was identified who has expressed interest in becoming an entomologist. Our staff team worked to connect the student and Paul and a relationship began. The student was overjoyed in finding someone in the school setting with professional skills in their area of interest. There is hope that this may evolve into a BTO
  • “Thanks for giving me a talkative one!” Said a Middle School mentor. He went on to explain how, even a few weeks into the relationship, the student, a sixth-grade boy, has a lot they want to talk about. It has been great to see the number of matches with sixth grade students, providing a better transition and foundation for their Middle School experience.

December Mentoring Update:

  • We have five new matches at the High School.
  • Two new matches at the Middle School.
  • Seven new matches combined for a total of fourteen.
  • Providing support for students, many who face difficult situations over the holiday break.
  • I appreciate the enrichment of the monthly Coordinators gathering. This provides a balance of much needed support, program strengthening and learning.

Upcoming Orientations at NV Schools:

  • Monday January 13, 9 – 11 AM at NV High School
  • Wednesday February 12, 10 AM – 12 Noon at NV Middle School
  • Thursday March 12, 12 Noon – 2 PM at NV High School

Submitted by Jim Schmotzer

To Partners for Schools board members via Nancy McHarness

Copies to: Chuck & Leeann Handy, Mark Johnson, Matt Galley, Joel VanderYacht, Lisa Reynolds, Brian Clemmer, Annie Anderson