Nooksack Valley High School and BTO

Excited see Be The One launch at Nooksack Valley!

NV Media Sep 17 2019 7:50 AM
The Connect Mentors program at Nooksack Valley high and middle schools has offered proven success. The addition of the Be the One program will open up possibilities for even more students, as it launches this fall.

Nooksack Valley Schools began the Connect Mentors program about five years ago as a direct response to students who were struggling, usually with a combination of grades, attendance and behavior.

“We were identifying students with specific needs and believed that providing mentoring support was a strong way to help them,” says Jim Schmotzer, mentor coordinator. Schmotzer met with the students showing the highest need and about 10 community members met with other students, generally once per week for an hour, who showed less intense needs. Some of those relationships have lasted multiple years and bridged from the middle school to high school.

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