Nooksack Valley High & Middle School – January 2020

Nooksack Valley High School & Middle School  

Be The One Coordinator Report 

January 2020 

Stories to share (names have been changed): 

  • In a passing conversation with Bimo, a high schooler who transferred into our district, told me the following, “Mentoring is Awesome, Stan is cool.”  

January Mentoring Update: 

  • We have a total of 13 matches, 5 Middle School, 8 high school. 
  • Two matches are in process. 
  • 1 week of Snow days. 
  • Orientation cancelled because of snow. 

Looking ahead: 

  • Wednesday February 12, 10 AM – 12 Noon at NV Middle School 
  • Thursday March 12, 12 Noon – 2 PM at NV High School 

Submitted by Jim Schmotzer 

To Partners for Schools board members via Nancy McHarness 

Copies to: Chuck & Leeann Handy, Mark Johnson, Matt Galley, Joel VanderYacht, Lisa Reynolds, Brian Clemmer, Annie Anderson, Tim Newcomb