Nooksack High School – March 2024

Mentor Coordinator Report

Number of Current Matches: 22

This month, we started 1 new match. They entered into the relationship knowing they’d only get to meet 4-5 times but it has been going so well!

Our Nooksack Valley Mentor Coordinator, Lauren Olson, is expecting her 3rd baby and will begin maternity leave April 26. Congrats Lauren!

Stories & Quotes To Share:

During the weekly meeting time, a parent student conference was scheduled. The counselor forgot that the student’s mentor came during that time. The parent and counselor invited the mentor to join the meeting. The mentor was able to advocate for the student in ways that the parent and counselor were not aware of were factors to the student’s behavior. It was a curveball of a BTO meeting and ended beautifully. It also deepened the mentor-mentee relationship.

A student with tough needs was referred by a staff member for a mentor. The parent agreed. I reluctantly met with the student who immediately said “oh my neighbor is a mentor, can he be mine?” I was surprised at this (I assumed he’d say heck no to having a mentor). Thus far, it’s been a win-win!

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