Mentoring Coordinator Report – Lynden Middle School – February 2021

Coordinator Report – Lynden Middle School
February 2021

Program Update

Students and staff are now getting used to the “Hybrid” schedule we are currently on.  This schedule has allowed me to connect every pair but one IN-PERSON, which has been a great success.  Also, our schedule has allowed me the opportunity to connect some mentors to new students.  Despite COVID, the mentoring program continues to grow here.

Stories to Share

“Grandma & Grandpa Get Online!”

A pair was not able to meet in-person due to sickness.  They decided it would still be valuable to meet on ZOOM, so we all scheduled a time together.  As they were meeting online, I got a request from the student.  He asked me if his grandparents would be able to get online and meet his mentor.  I agreed and reached out to the grandparents.  When the grandparents arrived, the student gushed about his mentor and they all had a great conversation. 

A Perfect Match

Recently, I matched a mentor with a student that has been struggling lately.  The student has had recent feelings of sadness, loneliness, depression, and frustrations over school and home life.  When the two met, there was an instant connection.  The two enjoy talking and long for the time to be extended together. They told me that even though they have only known each other for a few weeks, they feel like long-time friends. This is so great because the student really needs a friend.

LMS Mentoring by the Numbers:

  • 23 active matches at the middle school
  • 1 new match made this month
  • 7 students on our wait list
  • 7 potential students were referred to the program
  • 205 hours of mentoring this school year