Mentoring Coordinator Report – Lynden Christian – February 2021

Lynden Christian High School
Be The One Mentoring Program
February 2021


February went quick, but we added our sixth match (first male match) to the bunch! I have been waiting so patiently to match this mentor to the right student, and I genuinely feel that this is going to be a great match for both the mentor and mentee. Our newest pair hit it off well and with the same goal in mind- personal enrichment.   

This month I had a mentee mention to me and her mentor, “I tell all my friends to sign up- it’s the easiest thing and you get to just spend time talking!” It was an encouragement for me to hear and I think it was for her mentor too. Hopefully her friends will take the cue and look into having a mentor. 

I want to continue growing our mentor pool which has presented some challenges, but I am hopeful that next year especially will bring new mentors into conversation at LC. Word of mouth has been the best avenue for spiking interest, but we also advertise in  places like Lyncs Lines.

I get the feeling that our mentors are consistently blown away by their mentees.  We have a really unique group of students who are consistent, ambitious, and really looking to grow. Every week I am thrilled to get to check-in with each pair and really watch the relationships develop.



  • Six matches have been made at LC in the 2020-2021 school year the most recent being in February.  One mentor is waiting for her match, but I continue to hope the right student comes along at the right time- even if that means waiting until next school year at this point.



  • I am currently in the brainstorming and drafting phase of how best to reach out to incoming 9th graders, and also remind current high schoolers about BTO before the end of this school year. It seems forward to already be thinking about next year, but it is exciting to be doing future planning for Be The One at Lynden Christian.


  • I will not be at school for a few weeks nearing the end of the month.  I will still be doing the off campus coordinating and I will be available by phone, email, zoom, etc. as needed, but Joyce Libolt will be stepping in to greet matches on Tuesdays while I am not physically present at school.  If anyone has any questions please feel free to reach out to me.