Mentoring = Academic Results

In looking at our LHS students with mentors, we found that 72% of them performed well academically or showed significant gains this past semester.  Lisa Reynolds, our coordinator, reported that “several students have continued earning good grades, and others brought up grades significantly from failing mid-term marks.” Two students brought their GPA’s up a full point and many students  crossed the 3.0 threshold. Statistics show that mentoring helps students excel academically and we are certainly seeing that hold true!

One Senior worked very hard to bring up his  grades from mid-term C’s/ D’s to now all A’s/B’s. A Junior passed all but one class this semester, having had 4 F’s during his sophomore year and a freshman year that was even worse!  Several students had their best semesters ever, while taking challenging classes. Many freshmen are off to a strong start with three of them having nearly straight “A’s”.

Mentors continue to be in demand with our students: recently three middle school students were matched up with their new mentors, after a long time waiting.  One teacher reported that a girl “was beaming when she came back to class” after meeting her mentor for the first time.

As the end of the school year approaches, many students will make life changing decisions.  Whether it is joining the National Guard, being given a “move-out” date by parents, or finding a summer job, many students will make choices that impact the rest of their lives.  Mentors play a critical role by being a positive sounding board in giving honest feedback and encouragement.

At Be the One our goal is to see every student who wants a mentor matched with a caring adult.