May 4th Mentoring Minute

In our last Mentor Minute, we started shifting the focus from how to care for students in these unique pandemic times we’re living in to how to care for you, the mentor. We recognize that these times are impacting mentors in all kinds of ways…financially, physically, emotionally…and we want you to know that we are with you.

We really are all in this together!

This week, we want to continue to encourage you to build things into your days that will help you make the most of these times we’re living in. These ideas aren’t meant to be the cure for all of the challenges that you might be facing right now. But, they do address some of the negative impact of not having a normal, daily routine.

Here are three things you can build into your daily (or weekly) routine right now:

Bless your neighborhood. I don’t know what this looks like for you. Maybe it’s just being outside on these nicer spring days and interacting with your neighbors from a distance. Or, maybe it’s leaving a plate of cookies on a neighbor’s front porch just to show you care. Whatever it is, know that there is power and encouragement when neighbors act like good neighbors (especially in times like these).

Get take-out from a local restaurant. Everybody loves a good take-out meal! Plus, not only are you doing something fun with your family or a few friends, you’re supporting a local business that could really use our communities’ support and encouragement right now. Think of this as a way to bless a local business!

Zoom chat with family and friends. Video chat platforms like Zoom aren’t just for work meetings. And, using them to connect with people may not be the same as being together and having face-to-face conversations, but it’s not a bad alternative. Whether you have family or friends that live close that you just can’t visit right now, or ones that live far away, utilizing platforms like Zoom can bring people together in these times of social distancing. Plus, you can be creative! You can watch movies together, play games together, or just sit and chat with several groups of people in different places at the same time…all on one screen.

We hope that you find these three things helpful as we all continue to live in this “new normal” for the foreseeable future. Check back next week for more ways that you can make the most of these times that we are living in.