Lynden Middle School – November 2021 – Coordinator Report

Stories to Share

Laughter is Essential

One mentor and student really enjoy their time together. On one occasion, the mentee was telling a story that made his mentor bust into a rolling laughter. The two were having such a great time together, teachers nearby took notice. The mentor told me the two have many moments like this and really have fun together. In a time when there is so much division and anger in our society, it’s good to hear that mentors and students can have fun and laugh together.  This is so essential for our program.


A Mentor Who Understands Me

I had a student come to me a week ago, thrilled that I matched them with a new mentor. The student told me how difficult it was for others to understand who they were. They have struggled at school and at home, and they often feel they had no one else to talk to about personal things. They often felt alone and sad in years past. After matching them with a mentor, they have found joy again. The student lights up when I tell them they have their mentor. The two are connecting well and enjoying each other’s company. The student feels the freedom to talk about things they have never shared with anyone else. 


A Need for Connection More Than Ever Before

I have been the LMS community mentor coordinator for about four years now. During that entire time, I have not seen more students desiring to connect with another person. Kids are hurting and struggling in a time of unrest and uncertainty. On the bright side, our mentoring program is making a difference. Students are seeing that mentoring is positive for their mental health and well-being. Students are talking about the program with their friends and inviting them to get a mentor too. More students are wanting one after I explain the program, and more students means we need more mentors!


Mentoring by the Numbers at LMS

   16 active matches at the middle school

   3 new matches were made in the month of November

   11 Students on our wait list, waiting for a mentor

   22 potential students interested in the program or referred by staff

   99 hours of mentoring this school year


Program Update

  • Mentoring pairs are meeting regularly and new matches are being made each week.
  • We tried to have our second new mentor orientation this month but had to cancel due to bad weather. We have 8 potential new mentors that are waiting to join our program.
  • We have enough 6th graders to possibly start our 6th grade mentoring groups. This is an alternative for some students who are not quite ready for the mentoring program.
  • Lisa and I are continuing to work on the BTO policy and procedure manual when we can.