Lynden Middle School – November 2020


Program Update

The month of November was a roller coaster ride for sure.  Students were brought back to school and I was beginning to connect with few that I had a hard time connecting with.  However, at the end of the month, schools were closed again and now mentoring looks much like it did in September and October.

Stories to Share

Creativity in still happening

Creativity can always be a problem in school mentoring programs.  Games are the same and activities are limited which can leave some students and mentors quite board.  This can be even more true since COVID has impacted our communities and schools.  However, I had one mentor have a brilliant idea.  He recently brought his virtual reality system and the two went outside to try it out.  They had a blast while maintaining “social distancing.”  The mom of the student told me they were absolutely thrilled to have so much fun.   

First Match in 10 months

I delayed this program update for the specific reason of wanting to share that I made the first new match of the school year.  This comes 10 months since I last made a mentoring match, and I am very proud it took place.  The pair seems to be a good fit and they will continue meeting together in-person.  If anything, this might give us a little hope that someday things will be back to “normal.”  I hope to make the second match of the school year later this week.

 Mentoring Update by the Numbers at LMS:

  • 21 active matches at the middle school
  • 1 match will be ending this week, because the mentor is moving.

Program Development/Evaluation

  • Continuing the program with ZOOM calls and more in-person meetings.
  • Lisa and I have paused on our work with the Policy and Procedure Manual for now.