Lynden High School – September 2020

Stories to share:

Sometimes what appear to be limitations and roadblocks can work out well in unexpected ways.

“One of my mentors lives in Blaine, but has been coming to Lynden each week over the past 3 years to visit her student. She knew she would not be able to come to Lynden this school year due to needing to homeschool her grandson. I was afraid she would not be able to continue meeting with the student because of this, and that the relationship might not continue. However, with covid and remote school, she and her student can continue to meet over zoom each Friday—it doesn’t matter that they are in different cities! This important relationship continues each week!”

“Two years ago we had a mentor develop a secure texting bridge application for mentors and students, but didn’t have the opportunity to implement the technology. With covid restrictions and the difficulty of connecting some mentors and students, it seemed like a great year to try it out. The district gave permission and I have five mentor/mentee pairs who are piloting this application and giving feedback. It came at a perfect time for one pair who has been meeting weekly, but can’t get together over the next month due to a move, a planned trip, and a required quarantine period. At least they can text each other and stay in touch during the few weeks they won’t be able to get together in person.”


Program Update:

  • 12 mentor/mentee pairs have been meeting each week in person at the high school either after school or on Fridays—observing social distancing and health requirements
  • 8 mentor/mentee pairs have been meeting regularly in the community with off-campus contract privileges
  • Several other pairs are meeting via zoom weekly or bi-weekly
  • A handful are still struggling to connect or find a workable schedule
  • Current meeting options will change as our school schedule changes when students return to campus. Must be flexible!

Text-Bridge Pilot:

  • 5 pairs participating to try this out and give feedback
  • All parents gave permission for students to use this as they believed it would help the student feel more supported. No one hesitated
  • Texting through secured number—available 7:00 am – 8:00 pm daily
  • Coordinator receives log of texts for monitoring
  • Key words programmed to alert coordinator of potential situations that might need intervention or more support

 Supporting our newest BTO program

  • Working with the BTC coordinator at Lynden Christian
  • Training on best practices
  • Supporting New Mentor Orientations there by co-presenting with her


  • November is “Thank a Mentor Month” where I’ll be asking students to show appreciation to their mentors through “Thank you” cards or written messages
  • November Mentor Equipping Scheduled for Nov. 19th at 10:00 am. Online webinar which will be recorded.   “Even the Helpers Need Helping: Self-Care for Mentors” featuring Lindsay Anderson, NV Elementary Mental Health Counselor, as our guest presenter.