Lynden High School – March 2022 – Coordinator Report

Stories to share:
A weight has lifted for many: As of this month, it has been two years since covid began and greatly
disrupted school as we know it. As the mask mandate ended earlier this month, mentors and students
have enjoyed meeting and seeing each other’s faces—some of them for the first time! “Oh, so that’s
what your smile looks like!” At school this week, we are having our first assembly, planning for prom in
April, and a more traditional graduation in June—things students have missed for two years.

It’s not just one sided: As they pour into students, new mentors often wonder if mentoring is just a one-
sided relationship where they are always on the giving end. It often seems that way at first, but as time
goes on and relationships deepen, I often see how much students care about their mentors. One of our
mentors has been caring for an ill family member who recently passed away. Due to these
circumstances, she hasn’t seen her student much this quarter. The student has been very concerned,
understanding, and was happy to reconnect again. She gifted her mentor with a special piece of original
artwork she made just for her when they were able to meet again.

Worth the wait to see the smile: This month I was able to match a student who has been waiting for
since before Christmas break. He’s a unique kid with a lot of factors impacting his life. I knew it would
take a very special mentor to connect with him. Fortunately, our last orientation brought in just the right
man to meet him. The student is super happy to have a mentor and looks forward to the visits each
week. Having a mentor makes school feel like a better place for him.
Program Updates:

  • New Mentor Orientation on March 10 th : We had 8 attendees; most followed through on
    becoming mentors, and are already matched. This was the last orientation for this school year.
  • New matches made last month are going well
  • Matched 2 freshman boys with high needs this month—hoping to get them to attend more
    often as a result.
  • Program Consulting: met with counselor from Fisher Elementary about their desire to have a
    pool of mentors there. Provided information and resources and will continue to support as
  • Consulted with North Thurston Mentor Coordinator who visited our program; shared ideas and
    provided resources.


  • Submitting merchandise order for students, mentors, and supporters to have a BTO shirt
  • Planning end of the year Boat Trip (May 20th)
  • Photographing matches and setting up end of the year interviews