Lynden High School – February 2024

Mentor Coordinator Report

Number of Current Matches: 67

• Maintaining 67 matches
• Mentor Equipping Feb 12/13 on Grief, Trauma, and Resilience by Mike Black was well attended by almost 40 mentors and guests. Positive Feedback. Recorded Session for future sharing.
• New Mentor Orientation Feb. 16th had several participants

• New Mentor Orientation Tuesday, March 5th 10:00 am-noon at LMS
• Saturday, March 9th—Contracted to teach YMHFA Course @NCCTK for their staff
• Mentor Equipping March 11/12 “Navigating the Teen Social Media Landscape” by Debbie Hull,  LMS school     psych intern

Stories & Quotes To Share:

Mentors help carry the load:  Often mentors hear about really challenging situations and bring those forward so that we can rally additional support for students in a time of great need or crisis. Due to confidentiality, privacy, and respect for those involved, most details can’t be shared.  Students trust their mentors to ask for help.  I am so grateful for mentors who have been there for my students who have lost a loved one, received a life-changing medical diagnosis, and disclosed on-going trauma for the first time this month.  Thank you for being there!  You make a difference.

No Snow Days! No Wednesdays:  Students recently confirmed to me how much they value their mentoring time. One student complained about the school having a SNOW day, because it meant he missed seeing his mentor that week.  Another student wanted to change her mentor day to any other day of the week except WEDNESDAY.  Since we have shorter classes on Wednesdays, she was feeling cheated and wanted her FULL HOUR.  I was happy to move her meetings to Tuesdays instead.

 What a difference a year with a mentor can make: I had fun conversations with two mentors this week about how much their students have changed.  One Sophomore boy has improved attendance, grades, behavior, and joined school activities.  He’s talking about his future plans and feels proud of himself.  A sophomore girl recently received a “Spirit, Pride, and Achievement” Award from the principal.  When I asked her about it, she explained “It’s because I’m not doing bad stuff this year.”  She has gone from talking about dropping out of school to talking about going to college.  She’s improved her grades, demeanor, and engagement at school in every way.

 Thanks for the new games:  We appreciate the mentors and community members who donated games and activities to our school programs recently.  Thank you to Sharon Butler, Evonne Bierlink, Avery Blankers, Martha Bredeson, Kristie Kornelis, and Jessica Libolt for adding to our options.  Much appreciated!

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