Lynden High School – February 2022 – Coordinator Report

February 28, 2022

Stories to share:

She saved the cards:  Earlier this month I heard from a former mentor who shared a touching story.  This mentor no longer lives in the area, and her student graduated years ago, but they keep in touch periodically.  The mentor enjoys photography and making cards, and had given several cards to the student during their time together.  Her mentee had reached out and sent her a picture of a box containing all the cards, with the message:  “I found my cards from you.  I saved them all!” The mentor appreciated hearing from her and knowing she made an impact.  I loved hearing that they are still in touch and gave me permission to share the story!  (See photo at the end of report)

The time always goes so fast:  I have a newer match that really enjoys their time together.  They meet after school, typically share art projects together while talking, and never want to leave!  I literally almost have to kick them out because we are locking up the office and going home.  At their last meeting when I went to let them know it was time to go, they both said “The time always goes so fast!”  My comment was, “That means you are really having fun!”  It’s wonderful to see them hit it off and how much they both enjoy their visits.

Program Updates:

·         We hosted a New Mentor Orientation on February 16 which brought 4 more quality mentors.  They will be matched quickly with waiting students at LMS and LHS.

·         We still need more male mentors

·         February Mentor Equipping was well attended at both sessions.  Mentors gave positive feedback about their learning.  I was pleased to receive permission to share the OARS concept that I learned in a course from Dr. Alex Wentz.

·         Youth Mental Health First Aid Class on Feb. 26th—Very well attended!  13 participants, all mentors.  We had attendees from Nooksack, Ferndale, and LC.


·         Next New Mentor Orientation will be March 10th

·         Planning for End of Year Event—Celebration Cruise on May 20th Getting out save the date notices for LHS and LMS mentors and students