Lynden Christian High School- December 2020

Lynden Christian High School

Be The One Mentoring Program

December 2020


With each new month that passes we are ever so thankful to be continuing in person learning and mentoring. I have witnessed just how difficult it is for other schools and coordinators to try and orchestrate all the different variables. Since this is Be The One’s first year at Lynden Christian we are grateful for God’s provision in letting this program begin to grow. The students that have signed up are consistently excited to meet with their mentors, and the mentors are dedicated to serving these kids. This month I had a mentee tell me, “I was so nervous about having a mentor, but I am so thankful I do. She listens to me and I know that she cares.”

As I wander around on Tuesday afternoons glancing in on each pair it is heartwarming to see the smiles, hear the laughs, and to observe the thoughtful pauses. Each person involved, mentors and mentees alike, are going through different situations, but to know they have the time to just sit with one another and open their hearts is an encouragement.

Mentors: In December, I got the chance to meet with a new mentor. She has been a mentor at Lynden High School for several years now, but decided that meeting with a student at Lynden Christian would be beneficial as well. I am SO excited because the student she is going to be meeting with has been patiently waiting for her match since October.


  • To be honest, recruiting new mentors has been a challenge at times. I am not sure if it is the uncertainty of the times, life circumstances, or something else altogether, but I am continuing to trust that each new mentor that comes through our door at LCHS is meant to come at just the right time.


  • Four matches have started to meet regularly + we have two more strong possibilities who will have their first meeting at the beginning of second semester in January.


  • When school resumes in January my goal is to send out a postcard to each LCHS student reminding them that Be The One is here to serve them and how they can get involved.
  • I plan to schedule another information session/orientation for the end of January/ beginning of February. I would love to see some new faces come through even if it is just to explore the possibility of becoming a mentor.

Submitted by Stacey Martin

Copies to: Paul Bootsma, Craig Johnson, Nancy McHarness, Jerry and Joyce Libolt, Lisa Reynolds(LHS), Jim Schmotzer(NV), Annie Anderson(FHS), + Brian Clemmer(LMS)