Lynden Christian – End Of Year 2024

Mentor Coordinator Report

Number of Current Matches: 6

When we started school in the fall we were down to three returning matches. After graduation, summer moves, and scheduling changes it felt like we were starting at square one, but we slowly grew throughout the school year. Both students who graduated last year chose to stay in contact with their mentors, and have really stepped into adulthood over the past year. Two students who moved were also able to keep in contact with their mentors and found consistency in their friendships amidst the changes. Two students weren’t able to continue with their mentors because of the rigor of their schedules, but they have still managed to maintain a relationship outside of the program. Two mentors whose students couldn’t continue from last year were able to be rematched and two more students have benefited from their mentorship.

This year, five students were able to do the end of year, recorded interviews with Nancy McHarness. I love being able to listen and dictate the interviews because it allows me to get a different level of understanding of the program from the student’s perspectives. At times I want to quantify the success of the program based on the number of matches. When I take a step back and I listen to the interviews and observe mentoring interactions I find peace knowing the impact that the mentors and mentees are having on each other’s lives.

Three students have been recommended for mentoring next year
We have a small pool of mentors who are ready to be matched in the fall

For Next Year: Host a mentor equipping session that ties in Biblical aspects possibly pertaining to answering questions for teens, navigating relationships with teens in a Christian school, etc.

Share at Chapel and go through health classes again in September while networking with staff at the middle and high school.

BTO is planning to pivot a bit in the fall. While one-on-one relationships are still a priority through research and conversations we have found that the spiritual mentoring in a group setting may be really beneficial. It is exciting to think of the new opportunities to come.

Stories & Quotes To Share:

This year closed simply.  BTO gave each pair a Be The One tumbler, with a token for Edaleen, and a coffee gift card too! Pairs were able to walk together to one place or the other and share a special treat while reminiscing on the year. Each student took the opportunity to write a note of thanks to their mentor, and each person was gifted a photo of the two of them in a frame and a new pin!

“Having my mentor has made a difference for me because we get to talk and have fun together.  It is nice to have someone that I can have throughout the week to look forward to.  Sometimes it makes it easier to come to school knowing that I will get that time with my mentor.”

“When I started mentoring I didn’t think I really wanted to do it, but after the first time it was way better than I thought it was going to be.  I love mentoring now because it is really fun. We do everything together.  We bake, decorate desserts, paint, play with clay, and sometimes we just play games and talk. “


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