Lynden Christian: Coordinator Report for March 2021



As I reflect on the month of March a two words come to my mind: adapt and consistency.   The ability to continually adapt is key to the success of our program this year.  Mentors are willing to work with student schedules that seem to be evolving by the day due to academics, sports, or other outside factors. Our students have shown that they are equally vested in their matches and are willing to work with a mentor’s schedule changes as well. Consistency has proven to be an asset when working with high school students.  Even when students’ minds are elsewhere or they forget about their meeting it is still an encouragement to see mentors show up physically and mentally to provide that much needed support.


This month a student was feeling frazzled by an impending homework assignment, and her mentor not only aided her for their scheduled hour, but also continued to work with her on her assignment until it was completed far beyond their typical ending time.  It was evident how much this meant to the student and brought her such relief to have that support. 



  • Six mentor/mentee pairs have been meeting each week.
  • Our Lynden Christian Community Leader, Joyce Libolt, was able to connect with pairs in person during the last week of March while I took a short maternity leave.
  • We are always looking to expand our mentor pool and have started a waitlist for students who have inquired about the possibility of having a mentor.
  • I have had a couple middle school parents inquire about the possibility of a mentor for their child.



  • I am planning to attend an online; two part Mentoring for Equity course through Mentor Washington.
  • Every year, Be The One reaches out to students to get feedback about the program and to get a glimpse into the mentor/ mentee relationship. I will be scheduling interviews or a survey to solicit responses from students in late April/ early May.
  • Planning a special treat and looking for the best way to honor matches as they wrap up towards the end of the school year (only nine weeks left of school!).
  • I am planning to reach out to high schoolers one more time before the end of the school year and also start advertising to next year’s incoming 9th graders.
  • Program planning for the 2021-2022 school year.