June 8th Mentoring Insight – Help your student find THEIR purpose.

Helping your Student Find their Purpose

This month, we are focusing on how mentors can help students make a healthy transition to adulthood. In our culture today, it is not uncommon for students to graduate from high school with little direction (or motivation) to grow into healthy adults. Culturally, we have even created a new name for 18-29 year old’s who fit this description. We call them emerging adults.

So, how can we help students make a healthy transition from high school graduate to healthy adult? One of the biggest ways we can do that as mentors is to help them find their purpose. As students work toward goals, the ones with a sense of purpose are better able to adapt to the challenges of the transition to adult roles. At a time in our society when wages are low and a sense of economic despair lingers, it is important for students to see that their actions have some greater purpose. As mentors, we can help our students find their purpose by asking good questions, listening well, and encouraging them as they start thinking about life after high school.

-Jason Matthews, BTO Mentor Coach