Jessie and Maria’s Story

Jessie heard about Be the One from her older sister and decided to ask for a mentor freshman year. She and Maria have developed a close friendship over the past three years, playing cards, sharing tacos and chatting about all kinds of topics. When Jessie is facing a decision, she appreciates that Maria offers suggestions and options, but never tells her what to do. Maria has helped her learn to how to manage her time, deal with stress, and improve family relationships. “My mood has improved a lot. I’m happier. She makes me feel better. I like being able to talk to her, have fun and get things off my chest. I’ve opened up to her a lot. Maria is definitely a good friend now. I can tell her anything.” Because Jessie’s family recently moved to Bellingham, she and Maria have moved to off-campus meetings. Jessie hopes to finish her senior year in Lynden and absolutely wants to keep Maria as her mentor. “I hope we’ll always be friends!”