How are we doing? Actually – really well!

Studies are being done on the impact of mentoring relationships on youth and also on the impact the termination of those relationships has.  Particularly early termination and the risk factors that contribute.  Essentially –

” the central component of mentoring is the formation of close relationships, terminations, disruptions, and re-matches can touch on vulnerabilities in ways that less personal interventions do not.”

An important factor in sustaining long term mentoring matches is training for the mentors who may be working with youth that demonstrate a variety of risk factors – such as being in foster care, an immigrant, or a teen mother among others.  For these youth experiences of either acceptance or rejection is very formative.

Training volunteers prior to matching, and matching mentors carefully and intentionally contribute to more successful and lasting mentoring relationships.

Our mentoring program is excelling in this area—87% of our mentors have worked with the same student for more than one school year.  Many relationships are in their 2nd , 3rd, or even 4th year together.  This is far above the national average where only 50% of relationships last more than one year!

Continue reading for the link to the original study in the American Journal of Community Psychology.

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