Ferndale High – End Of Year 2024

Mentor Coordinator Report

Number of Current Matches: 42

Over 60% (16/25) of mentors who took the survey had a year or more experience meeting with their current mentee. In comparison, last year 60 percent of mentors who took the survey had been with the mentee for under 1 year. Mentor Coordinators noticed that mentors/students were more comfortable, independent/self-reliant than last year.

For end of the year celebrations, mentoring pairs enjoyed 2 outings. Mentors and students enjoyed walking to Mugshots for a free coffee and to Edaleen's for 2 scoop icecream treats. They received their annual pair photo & a goodie bag.

The 10 seniors and their mentors received special goodie bags to recognize their participation in BTO. Once a student has graduated they can make plans in how they would like to continue their relationship outside of BTO.

In order to spend time with her young children, Annie Anderson announced her resignation as a mentor coordinator. Ferndale School District/Partners for Schools are hiring a new coordinator for the Fall 2024-25 school year. Annie has been an integral part in the program at FHS and she will be truly missed.

Stories & Quotes To Share:

Mentor Quote:

“Overall, this experience has been wonderful. I love coming to the high school and meeting with my student each week. I truly hope this program is valued by the school and the district and that it will continue. In the words of one staff person at the high school, “Every student here would benefit from having a community mentor.”

Student Quote:

“My mentor helped me through so much and showed me so much love. Having meetings with her really made me want to come to school and be there to meet with her. She is one of the most amazing and most supportive people I have ever met and I hope we can continue to connect over the years!!”

Submitted by Annie Anderson – deb@partnersforschools.org