Coordinator Report – Lynden Middle School January 2021

Program Update

In January, students at Lynden Middle School went back to a hybrid schedule.  This schedule provided new opportunities to engage with more students for the program.  Also, 21 out of 22 mentoring pairs are now meeting in-person and I have even made some new matches in recent weeks.  Also, mentor trainings are happening and we will be putting on our first mentor orientation this next month.  Finally, these encouraging things have helped the program feel like we are moving again.

Stories to Share

Long Lost Connection

After being together one year, a mentor and student decided to end their mentoring relationship at the end of the last school year.  No matter how hard they tried, nothing seemed to work.  At the beginning of the current school year the status was the same.  The student was not interested in mentoring and the mentor’s schedule was changed due to COVID.  However, this past month the reunited in the Lynden Safeway and reconnected.  Both were encouraged so much they asked me to connect them once again.

A Thoughtful Gift

One student was beginning to learn a craft passed down from her mother and from her culture.  She worked hard and was excited when she completed a project that took her some time.  When she presented it to her mentor as a gift, the mentor lit up with joy.  She was so touched by her student’s generosity.

LMS Mentoring by the Numbers

  • 22 active matches at the middle school
  • 1 new match made this month
  • 5 students on our wait list
  • 8 potential students were referred to the program
  • 140 hours of mentoring this school year