Coordinator Report – Lynden Christian High School

April 2021


April brought a sense of calm for Be The One at Lynden Christian, which is good because these next few weeks are sure to fly and we will have lots of tasks to accomplish before the end of the school year.  In April, each pair was able to meet (while maybe not every week because of spring time business) they were able to connect in one-way or another at least a few times. It brings such joy to watch the relationships continue to grow and I am hopeful that many of the matches will be able to continue next year. Be The One has been an encouragement to the mentees who participated this year and we are so blessed by the mentors who have dedicated their time to serving our students. 

Joyce Libolt, our Lynden Christian Community Leader, was able to check-in on the matches again this month and she expressed her enjoyment at seeing our meetings in action and her satisfaction with the program as a whole.  

Quick Story: I had a mentor have to miss a few sessions this month, but she was always sure to check-in with me and faithfully sent notes to her mentor just to maintain that connection, and they are both looking forward to their May meet-ups.


  • Six mentor/mentee pairs will continue to meet through the end of the school year.
  • We are no longer making matches for the year, but have started waitlists for both students and mentors to contact in August/ September.


  • I attended part one of a three session Mentoring for Equity course through Mentor Washington. The second session will be the first week of May, and I am looking forward to taking part.
  • Student interviews are scheduled and will take place on May 4 and 11 for Lynden Christian students.
  • I am in the process of putting together farewell packages to be given to mentors and mentees on during their last meeting the week of June 4.
  • I am still planning to reach out to high schoolers one more time before the end of the school year and also start advertising to next year’s incoming 9th graders.
  • Program planning for the 2021-2022 school year, setting goals, and planning for ways to reach more mentors in the fall.