Check in on BTO – May 2020 Snapshot

MAY 2020

“I received the package today! Gosh, I did not expect this much! Thank you so much for everything! I read Moonstruck as fast as I opened the package! It was so cute! I am definitely buying the next books. I tried the mug cake and it was sooo goooodd. I loved it! I also plan on using that tiny comic book to draw in!” – Mentee

“It has been challenging for mentors and students to connect during this time of closure. …Mentors … reach out via mail and email … Some have been creative …sending cards, art supplies, seeds to plant, and even pizza!” ~Lynden

“…zoom meetings for mentors and students … Seeing the student’s face light up on screen and the way they talked together was priceless.” ~Lynden

“We still have many students who don’t have access to the internet at home… several have health and financial concerns. I worry about the students I haven’t been able to reach yet. In this time, I am focused on moving forward, doing what I can to support mentors and students.” ~Lynden

“Lots of students write their mentors back …Students appreciate that they are not forgotten.” ~Lynden

“I emailed a mentee’s grandma to let her know her grandson had received messages from his mentor on his email. She responded gratefully … Her grandson’s laptop was broken so he wasn’t getting his assignments… off of the school email. I connected her to our administration and counselors so they could help get his computer fixed. Not only are we connecting students to their mentors, but we are connecting the students to school staff and resources to help families navigate distance learning.” ~ Ferndale

“I have been checking in with students. I Generally ask, “How are you doing?” and, “how can we help you?” I was pleasantly surprised when one Middle School student indicated that her best school support is her mentor. Way to go team!” ~Nooksack Valley

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