BTO Snapshot for November 2019

Kids today… need to know they matter.

Students in Lynden, Ferndale, and Nooksack are being positively impacted – because you care.

Do you shop on Amazon? Use this link: to associate your shopping with Be the One (the program of PFS Intl. 501c3) . Amazon will then donate a percentage of the profit on your shopping to support Be the One. We recently received over $350 in referral commissions!

Our BTO Program Budget Breakdown:

Coordinator salary & benefits→ 90%
T-shirts→ 2.5%
Mentor/Mentee Events→ 4%
Promotion→ 3.5%

As a community, we partner with our schools by volunteering as mentors
and by raising funds. Our community donations provide for the critical role of a professional Mentor Coordinator and related expenses of the mentoring program.

Thank you!